Walter Everett (1880-1946)
Walter Everett studied at both the School of Industrial Arts in Philadelphia (where he would later teach), and in Wilmington with Howard Pyle. He worked for a number of the popular magazines, including Ladies’ Home Journal, Scribner’s, and The Saturday Evening Post, doing mostly story illustrations. Despite the fact that his virtuosity kept him in constant demand with art editors, his blatant disregard for deadlines began to cause him problems. His final break with illustration came in the thirties, when in a fit of pique, he set fire to most of his paintings and retired from the field. 


Lovers in the Garden 1924

Oil on panel, 24 inches x 36 inches

"They Always Do," Adela Rogers St. John, Good Housekeeping, August, 1924, p. 38-39. 






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